On Top of The World Ocala Florida Home Owners Association Fees – Warranty Deed Communities

Home Owner Association Fees in On Top of the World in Ocala Florida are different in each section of the community.  Golf is pay as you go or you can get a membership.

Candler Hills  is a Warranty Deed Community and  has a monthly HOA fee of  $219.00.  This fee covers common area maintenance, guard, curb side trash pick up, basic cable, high speed  internet, and use of all the amenities.   All new homes in this section have a bond added to  the new sales price of the home.  All homes in this section are also responsible for paying a separate  maintenance fee from the HOA fee.  Both bond and maintenance fee are an annual fee place on the home owner’s property tax bill.   Here is an example of a tax bill in Candler Hills with a bond and  maintenance fee.  The bond can be paid off, but he maintenance fee will stay with the home forever.  On this tax bill the bond is $650.00 a year and the maintenance fee is $240.00 a year.

Responsible for your own lawn maintenance

Indigo East is another warranty deed Community and has a month HOA fee of  $135.00 a month.  The fee covers common area maintenance, basic cable, high speed internet, curb side trash pickup, video monitored gate operations,  and use of their own private club house and pool.  In this section of On Top Of The World the home owners have their own private club house and do not have use of the main amenities in On top Of The World,  including  the 2  private 18 hole  golf courses.  Candler Hills Golf course is public and all Indigo East home owners can play on  this course.  For an additional fees Indigo home owners can have a social membership for the main amenities at On Top of The World Indigo East also has a bond and maintenance fee added to the home owners tax bill.  Here is an example of an Indigo East tax bill.  The bond a month is $550.00 and the maintenance fee is $375.00

In Both Candler Hills and Indigo East the home owner is responsible for their own lawn maintenance.

There are several other communities in on On Top of the World, which are lease land communities.  The lease is a 99 year leasehold, which starts when the home was built.  I will address the Home Owners association Fees on these communities in another post.